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The Heritage Tomatoes

Welcome to The Heritage Tomatoes! 

Our group "The Heritage Tomatoes" is in honor of my late father Ty Kennedy. Ty battled prostate cancer with strength, humor, and grace for five years. Though Ty's story did not end in survivorship, we are all still so filled with love, laughter and peace thinking of him.

Now time to explain why "The Heritage Tomatoes"! At the end of my fathers battle my mother, brother and I would spend most of our days in his bedroom to spend as much time with him as possible. One afternoon he waved us all in close because he had something really important that he had to share. He starts out slow by stating "I need you guys to start planting Heritage Tomatoes". Mom, Duncan and I looked at each other in agreement that we would see where dad would go with this. So we asked, should we just plant these tomatoes in the front yard? Dad exclaimed, "yes, that's a good idea!" We gently reminded him that our front yard also had a driveway and questioned what we should do about that. Dad told us that it would be perfectly fine just to tear it out. The three of us were stealing giggles and smiles to one another while dad tried to share the importance of our supposed tomato garden. We know dad was talking about Heirloom Tomatoes and what he was really trying share that we needed to get ready for life without him. 

We all miss my dad dearly but we love to focus on the special and funny memories we have with him. He may no longer be with us but I can't see an Heirloom Tomato without thinking about dad.

Now as an intern at The Loran Smith Center for Cancer Support I wish my family had a place like The Loran Smith Center. I am able to see all of the good and peace people are provided. My hope is to raise money in honor of my dad, in hopes that anyone with cancer and their families have a safe place to find strength and support. 




"Every meal is a banquet and every day is a holiday." Ty

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